Friday, November 02, 2007

2304 Words Nov. 1

For a first go, not bad. But today I've been horribly behind. I just couldn't shake the tired, down, don't-wanna-do-anything blah feeling. After a while the blinding light came on -- it's an overdose of chocolate. I never thought such a thing could happen, but the correlation is pretty hard to miss. Several days of too much chocolate, suddenly my brain doesn't want to operate right. Now I have a sudden craving for carrot sticks, celery, something crispy and vegetative and non-sweet in nature. Unfortunately there's nothing like that in the house now...but I do have some canned and frozen veggies, so at least I can get my chlorophyll fix if I need to. And I have tons of potatoes; as long as I don't smother those in butter and cheese (and don't worry, the thought of anything greasy right now...igh) I should be just fine. And there's the rice steamer (it works great with lentils too) so really, if I choose to be intelligent about it I have plenty of good, nutritious, non-chocolate writing fuel lying about. I just have to get over my chocolate-induced lethargy and get it done.

But there goes plan A for staying awake and energetic; I couldn't even look a chocolate-covered coffee bean in the eye right now.

However, having been a Boilermaker in a former life, I do have some strategies that I had completely forgotten. For one out-of-town job I decided that I'd had enough of sandwiches and I let my cravings guide me; for nearly a week I took nothing but a loaf of artisan bread, a bagged salad, and a half gallon of grapefruit juice to work. My new co-workers thought I was a vegetarian for the longest time! But it worked; tons of energy and no lethargy. When my body told me it was time I started throwing a little protein in here and there. Grapefruit juice for me is legal speed without the bad effects (I get to keep my teeth and my freedom, for starters). And I wish I knew who I would have to bribe to get the bread recipe from Smith's -- they don't have those grocery stores around my home town, otherwise I'd just buy it and be happy.

I wonder what I'm going to have to do to bribe the dh into a grocery trip...

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