Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No clever titles, chapters, outlines, etc

Since it's going to take another couple of days before I'm going to be healthy enough to die (got to love them little cold viruses. Virusi?) I have absolutely no inspiration coursing through my brain. Having been sleepless for the better part of 48 hours and courting the usual (for me) laryngitis tomorrow, my brain could be accurately described as "mush". It has a couple of connecting neurons that normally have nothing to do with each other, so information is getting woefully scrambled. I crave sleep the way zombies crave brains. Is it odd that I'm relieved this cold happened now, rather than in a month when I'd be slap-dab in the middle of NaNoWriMo, or is just normal writerly behavior?

Random inspiration: jot notes for Grenwahl Vale/Veil on the blog, so I have less of a chance of them disappearing into the ether. Set up Circa notebook for backup and longer background bits. Yeah. Doable. But going to look awfully random and notoriously chaotic. Pah. What else is new?

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