Thursday, December 04, 2014

Murphy is alive and well and futzing with my karma

Oh no. There is no way I'm getting three thousand words today. In fact, today is almost over and I haven't even gotten started.

A lot happened today. My family happened today. That usual happens - I'm living with a brother, a husband, and the Banshees, after all - but very rarely do I have most of them happen all at once.

Oh boy, did they ever. 

By the time the spouse came home I was in total suspension of all stress just due to overwhelming flipping disbelief. We're talking darn near to bemused giggles.

My park day peoples did yeoman's work in keeping me sane today. Many thanks to those who are doing their part in keeping me out of the omg 114 pt headlines. 

My spouse basically handed the keys to his car over and suggested I get a soda or something. I got a soda and some ice cream.

Because my MB ate my ice cream. 

Ate my ice cream.

Ate my ice cream.

The home made double vanilla ice cream with real cream and real ice that I made myself for my birthday.


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